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Data Science Bootcamp Pre-work Revision 2019

Table of Contents

1. Computer Requirements
2. Overview
3. Pre-work Exercises
4. FAQs

1. Computer Requirements

Review the computer requirements on hardware needed for the bootcamp.

2. Overview

What can I do to get ready before the bootcamp starts?

Completing the pre-work is essential to obtaining the foundational knowledge necessary to succeed in the Metis data science bootcamp. Each student should expect to spend 60+ hours of tutorials to become familiar with software installation, editors, command line, Python (numpy, pandas, etc.), linear algebra and statistics.


3. Pre-work Exercises

All exercises must be completed before the first day of class.

save your work

4. FAQs

Q: How do I submit pre-work?

  • Sections 0 to 4
    • Fork the dsp repo this is covered in the GitHub section
    • Clone your forked dsp repo to your local PC
    • Run Jupyter on your local and make all changes
    • Push all changes to your forked repo on GitHub; this is considered your pre-work submission. (No need to submit pull requests to the thisismetis/dsp repo.)
  • Python
    • use your forked repo for scratch work only
  • Statistics
    • Make all changes to your forked repo

Q: Can I discuss prework with other students in the course?


Q: Can I ask for hints for python questions?


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