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Renders a link to a This Is My Jam user's profile, with an image, text or both. If the user has no active jam, renders a simple 'follow me' link.


<script src=""></script>
<script>Jam.Medallion.insert({username: "..."})</script>

You can pass several options to Jam.Medallion.insert:

  • text: Set to false to stop showing the 'My current jam is:' tag.
  • image: Set to false to stop showing the jam avatar.
  • imageSize: "small" (default), "medium" or "large".


The generated markup will look something like this:

<div class="jam-medallion">
  <a class="jam-image" href="...">
    <img class="jam-jamvatar" src="...">

  <p class="jam-text">
    My current jam is <a href="...">...</a>.

A "jam-loading" class is added to the outer div while the jam data is being loaded from the API, so that you can style it appropriately.