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Change Logs

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2e Patch 4


  • The Respiration and Aqua Affinity enchantments are no longer broken.

2e Patch 3


  • Fixed the Enchiridion and Artificing Parts books displaying the wrong component for the Fortune enchantment
  • All books updated to 2.3e, even books that didn't change.


  • Fixed forging never working in the rain, although it still might fail if the items are on the border between two blocks.

2e Patch 1


  • Druids gain 10 reputation by accepting the class and lose 10 reputation for renouncing it. This keeps Druids in new worlds from starting at zero reputation right off the bat.
  • Positive and negative Druid reputation effects now occur at the correct thresholds. Lutes no longer duplicate themselves when used in survival mode.


  • Swashbucklers now get Strength I and Haste I when holding a golden axe.
  • Swashbucklers now get Haste II when holding a golden hoe.


  • Warlocks now must be within range of a conduit and underwater to be able to craft elytra.


  • Lutes no longer duplicate themselves when used in survival mode.


  • The function ab_classes:give/enchiridion is now spelled correctly.
  • Fang traps and rope traps now have the chance to generate in chests in desert temples, jungle temples, dungeons, and strongholds.
  • The wandering trader will not generate with books as its sixth trade if there are no players with classes within 100 blocks.
  • Rope traps and fang traps are now instances of minecraft:armor_stand instead of minecraft:ghast_spawn_egg.
  • Removed unused functions and structure files.



  • Moved to their own "Heroism" tab


  • Added the Artificer class
  • Added the Hammer item. Forge it by lighting two sticks and two iron ingots on fire
  • Artificers can temper items over power 15 redstone wire and hammer parts into them to enchant them
  • Artificers can also craft contraptions via the same method


  • Added the Druid class
  • Druids gain Regeneration when fully encased in dirt
  • Druids gain 10 reputation every 24000 ticks
  • When a druid drinks a watter bottle, they become hydrated (shown as green particles by the druid's feet)
  • When hydrated, Druids can perform rituals that do things like grow grass, harvest crops, etc.
  • Performing druidic rituals lowers a druid's reputation. When their reputation is low, they start to get negative status effects. When it's high enough, however, they can be granted luck
  • Druids can create a "Seed of Life" which can be used to create spawn eggs
  • Druids do not receive reputation unless they are in the Overworld


  • Added the Swashbuckler class
  • Swashbucklers can throw a minecart with chest item on top of a boat and sneak over it to create a cargo ship
  • Swashbucklers get Resistance III when in a boat (including land boats)
  • Swashbucklers get Dolphin's Grace for 2 seconds and Water Breathing for 10 seconds when out of water
  • Swashbucklers get appropriate status boosts when wearing golden armor or using golden tools


  • Re-lighting an Enchiridion on fire will update it to the newest edition
  • Enchiridions display what edition they are in the item lore
  • Added a Table of Contents to the Enchiridion
  • Added a list of Artificer parts to the Enchiridion
  • Added a list of Druid rituals to the Enchiridion
  • Added a list of Sorcerer milestones to the Enchiridion
  • Added a list of Warlock pacts to the Enchiridion
  • Added a list of Wizard spells to the Enchiridion
  • Removed my name being cited as the booked "author"


  • Acrobats now gain 1.5x more from eating food than normal
  • Acrobats can now skid down walls by facing the wall and sneaking while falling. This technique allows them to scale down steep walls and take little to no fall damage


  • Starter pack includes an iron sword instead of a skeleton skull
  • If a barbarian kills 10 zombie pigmen, they are granted the "Pig King" status. While this status is active, all pigment within a 56 block radius have their anger reset to zero and are given Weakness X. This effect lasts for one minute and is displayed as smoke particles around the barbarian


  • Knights can now protect nearby animals and villagers by sneaking with a shield. Protected mobs become slowed and invulnerable. Players can be protected as well, but they don't become invulnerable; they simply get very high resistance
  • When near a raider, Knights with decorated shields get an extra 6 hearts for 60 seconds and a regenerate 3 hearts. Once this health boost goes away, there is a cooldown before it can be used again
  • In the presence of Knights with decorated shields, raiders become inflicted with slowness and weakness and give off "sweat bead" particle effects
  • Knights can now only get absorption from laying in a bed once per night


  • Added sound effects to Rangers' handiwork
  • Added campfire recipe to Ranger handiwork
  • Added ladder recipe to Ranger handiwork
  • Added fishing rod recipe to Ranger handiwork
  • Added wooden and stone axe recipes to Ranger handiwork
  • When mounting horses, the horse gets speed and jump boost, and both the Ranger and the horse get resistance
  • Rangers get regeneration when near lit campfires


  • Rogues now get Speed VI when sneaking, followed by Speed II for 3 seconds after sneaking
  • Added smoke bomb particle effects to Rogues' stealth
  • Rogues can now make 8 poison tipped arrows by sneaking over a spider eye and 8 arrows on the ground, similar to Rangers' handiwork
  • Rogues can only use their stealth when they aren't wearing armor


  • Sorcerers can now bottle one experience level by drinking a thick potion. This leaves them with 15 seconds of hunger


  • Starter pack now includes a skeleton skull instead of an iron pickaxe
  • Ender Dragon contract price changed to 1 dragon head
  • Ender Dragon contract now gives you a second slow falling whenever you fall past 3 blocks, instead of only at high altitudes
  • Bosses now cannot be bargained with unless they are at 1/3 or lower of their maximum health
  • Warlocks now must pay regularly for their contracts. Payment is made by throwing the payment and said contract onto a campfire
  • The Ender Dragon contract costs 12 end crystals per 7 days and the Wither contract costs 3 wither skeleton skulls per 7 days. The Elder Guardian contract does not cost anything
  • Warlocks are now granted exclusive crafting or smelting recipes per their contracts
  • Contracts can be copied by setting a contract and 1 paper on fire. This costs 6 hearts
  • Warlocks can get special info when holding a mob head in their offhand slot. Different mob heads give different information, and costs 1 level to use
  • Creeper heads tell you when you are close to diamond, emerald, or gold ore
  • Skeleton heads tell you if there is a mob behind you
  • Zombie heads tell you if a pillager or wandering traveler has spawned in the area
  • Wither Skeleton skulls tell you if you are heading towards a place where someone died


  • Changed the magic wand (which is a re-textured knowledge book) to use the minecraft:oak_planks recipe instead of a custom recipe that instantly gets revoked. This should prevent the "new recipe" toast from appearing every time you cast a spell
  • Re-lighting a magic wand will replace its recipe with minecraft:oak_planks, for reasons stated above
  • Added the Bridge Wizard spell
  • Added the Defuse Wizard spell
  • Added the Evoke Wizard spell
  • Added the Exhume Wizard spell
  • Added the Create and Scrub Portal Wizard spells
  • Wizards now must have books in their inventory to study
  • Instead of increasing the study level cap by 10 levels every 64 books, the cap now goes up by ~1.2 levels every 8 books
  • The Transmute spell now returns 4 golden nuggets instead of 3
  • Casting spells in Creative mode no longer duplicates the Magic Wand
  • Casting spells in Creative mode no longer consumes levels or components
  • Casting spells in Creative mode no longer checks for your minimum level


  • Added Lutes
  • Forge by lighting a wooden slab, a stick, and a string on fire
  • Use it in your offhand to play notes. The pitch of the note depends on which hotbar slot you have selected, and can be raised slightly by sneaking


  • Wandering traders have a chance to spawn with an Enchiridion as an extra trade. This trade costs 3 emeralds and can only be used once
  • Added ab_classes:my_classes function. This lists what all your classes are, or tells you if you don't have one
  • Rewrote the forging code to test for items on fire instead of items inside a fire block. This prevents players from setting their items on fire and not getting anything back
  • Forging items puts the item directly in the closest player's inventory instead of leaving a new drop on the ground. This also prevents players from setting stuff on fire haphazardly
  • Re-structured function files
  • All text has been moved to en_us.lang. This allows folks to translate this data pack into other languages if they so choose
  • Changed armor stands to area of effect clouds in the functions. This is to optimize rendering and hopefully reduce lag
  • Added ab_cl_CLASS objectives for every class, instead of having your class depend on your ab_class objective value. This allows those with operator privileges to give themselves (or others) multiple classes at once
  • Players with ab_class objective values greater than 0 will have their score be set to zero and their correct ab_cl_CLASS objective score set to 1
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