A Resume in LaTeX!
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Software Engineer Latex Resume

A Resume in LaTeX!


Resumes are boring. They're hard to design well because they're so utilitarian.

This LaTeX project is a fork of Awesome-CV. I've cut away a lot of the CV-ish features from the default resume, but they can be easily added back. At its core the resume includes sections for: Experience, Other Projects, Education, and Skills. From that, a large amount of use cases should be covered.

To start using this template, begin by editing the resume.tex file in the root folder. Fill in your own name, location, phone number, etc. You can center the header section by uncommenting the \begin{center} and \end{center} lines in the awesome-cv.cls file in the \makecvheader section.

To change the accent color, use: \colorlet{<some-color>}{<some-color>} where <some-color> can be awesome, white, black, darkgray, gray, lightgray, green, orange, purple, red, blue, darktext, darkgray, darktext, lighttext, awesome-emerald, awesome-skyblue, awesome-red, awesome-pink, awesome-orange, awesome-nephritis, awesome-concrete, awesome-darknight. You can add additoinal colors in awesome-cv.cls using \definecolor.

From there, fill in the rest of sections accordingly. A \cvsection is called by using the following:

\cvsection{<Section Name>}
    {<Section Header>}
        \item{<bullet point 1>}
        \item{<bullet point 2>}

Skills are a bit different:

    \cvskill{Languages}{Java, C, Ruby, Javascript, C\#, Visual Basic}
    \cvskill{Frameworks}{Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, Skeleton, Flexbox, ASP.NET}
    \cvskill{Database}{MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL}
    \cvskill{Markup}{HTML, XML, Markdown, LaTeX}
    \cvskill{Design}{Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator}
    \cvskill{Other}{English, Chinese (conversational), Spanish (limited)}

That's basically all you need to know to get started. More documentation can be found at Awesome-CV's repo