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Animal Companions Mod for Rangers and Druids. For BG1 / BG2 / BGEE / BG2EE / EET / IWDEE / IWD
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Animal Companions for all Ranger (and Druid) Characters v1.6

for ToB, BGT, TuTu, BG1EE, SoD, BG2EE, EET

This mod aims to give Rangers (and possibly Druids, should you choose so) some unique flavor by allowing them to befriend a permanent animal companion.

With this mod, all ranger/druid characters will gain the 'Find Animal Companion' ability at level 1. (Note: Even though your character will gain the ability at level 1, you still need to get to level 3 in order to actually have success in finding an animal companion.)
Upon using your 'Find Animal Companion' ability, you will be able to pick an animal companion from a list of available animals in your current area. (If there is no animal to your liking in a given area, you can of course try it again in another area.)
Once you've picked your new animal friend, it will follow you around on your adventures and even increase in power as you do.

Animal Companions. General:
In total, there are nine different animal companions to choose from. While each of them has their own stats and unique abilities, all of them share a few common characteristics.
From a technical point of view, all animal companions are familiars (just like the familiars available to mages, sorcerers and beastmasters). However, there are also some major differences between those familiars and animal companions.
Animal companions don't gain experience like normal characters do and therefore do not gain levels either. They do however gain certain stat boosts which are directly linked to their master's (the main character's) experience.
The downside of this is that each time the animal companion gains a power-up your main character will lose a little bit of his/her experience. The lost experience symbolizes the animal companion's 'share' which it would get if it was a 'normal' none player character.
This is also the only penalty your character has to take in return for an otherwise 'free' animal companion.
All animal companions will gain a stat boost once your character reaches these experience values: Experience 50.000 450.000 1.350.000 2.250.000 3.150.000 4.050.000 4.950.000 7.650.000 Player Level* 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 33
Exp. lost** 5.000 45.000 135.000 150.000 150.000 150.000 150.000 150.000 (*Please note: The stated player levels are only accurate for ranger characters, druid levels may differ.)
(**Important! Please note: You will never have to take more than one experience penalty at once. E.g.: If you start a new ToB game, your animal companion will get four power-ups in a row but your character would only lose 150.000 experience (for the last power-up) in total.)
Just like most other creatures on Faerûn animal companions can die.
However, not all is lost if your animal companion gets slain in combat. Like a none player character a slain animal companion may get resurrected, even though it doesn't work exactly the same as for other characters.
To Resurrect your animal companion, an appropriate spell (Raise Dead, Resurrection, Mass Raise Dead, Bhaalpower-Resurrection) or item (Scroll of Raise Dead, Rod of Resurrection, ...) needs to be used on the dead animal companion's corpse.
(This means, you can not have your animal companion resurrected at a temple or resurrect it yourself in another area than the one it died in.)
Animal Companion AI:
All animal companions come with a very basic A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) which you can turn on and off via dialogue options.
You can choose between three options:
(Note: Obviously, the in-game dialogue options look different than this, but shouldn't be too hard to figure out.)

  1. Full A.I. (Combat and none combat behavior.)
  2. Only Combat A.I. (Animal won't do anything on it's own while out of combat.)
  3. No A.I. (Animal won't do anything on it's own.)
    In none combat situations all animal companions will try to stay within a certain range of the player character. Stealth focused pets (panther, groundhog, rabbit) will also try to hide themselves. In combat situations combat based animals (all but groundhog and rabbit) will attack the nearest enemy as long as the player's health stays above 30%.
    If the main character's health drops below 30% the animal companion will try to aid the player by attacking the player's last attacker.
    None combat oriented animals (groundhog, rabbit) will simply try to run away from any enemy and hide themselves.


  • BG2 including ToB with the latest official patch ( SoA only install might work, but has not been tested yet.) OR BG1EE, SoD, BG2EE, EET, IWD1EE

The 'Animal Companions' main component should be (as in: I really hope it is ) compatible with pretty much all other WeiDU mods out there. (If you run into any compatibility issues, please contact me via the Spellhold Studios.) The optional component to allow animal companions to be resurrected by the Rod of Resurrection, will override any changes other mods might previously have made to the Rod of Resurrection.

I. Extract the 'AnimalCompanions_v1.6.7z' file into your main folder and make sure that both, the 'Setup-AnimalCompanions.exe' and the 'AnimalCompanions' folder, are indeed in your main folder. II. Run (double click on) "Setup-AnimalCompanions.exe".
III. Choose whether you want druid characters to get animal companions too, or not. IV. Enter a name for your future animal companion. (Note: Case sensitivity!)

Many Thanks to:
(In no particular order)

  • Alessandro Nosenzo for the Italian translation
  • Aedan for proofreading the Italian translation
  • Cahir for the Polish translation.
  • Gwendolyne for the French translation.
  • Argent77 for being a great source of advice on anything coding or scripting related.
  • Daulmakan, Callindor & Jastey for proofreading.
  • Everyone who contributed to the discussion about animal companions.
  • Kwiat_W for all the inspiration I've gotten from looking at the Pack Mule code.
  • CamDawg for all the inspiration I've gotten from looking at the Divine Remix code.
  • ineth for looking up IWD1EE area codes.
  • The Spellhold Studios, it's forum community and the people that keep it up and running.
  • F auxpress of for a whistling sound. (Which I took from Kwiat W's Pack Mule Mod.)
  • Atari for their Panther and Leopard NWN portraits, which I used in this mod.
  • The following DeviantART accounts, for allowing me to base some of the animal portraits on their stock photos:
    – Wincey (wolf)
    – Easydreams (rabbit)
    – Melyssah6-Stock (groundhog)
    – slime-stock (dog)
  • The makers and maintainers of:
    – WeiDU : Westley Weimer & Valerio Bigiani (The Bigg)
    – NearInfinity : Jon Olav Hauglid
    – Infinity Animations : Erephine & Miloch
    – TobEx : Ascension64
    – all the other awesome BG2 mods
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