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A werebear/ranger kit for for BG2: ToB / BGT / TuTu / BGEE / BG2EE / EET
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Bear Walker Kit v3.0

for BG2: ToB / BGT / TuTu / BGEE / BG2EE / EET

This is a small kit mod that offers the possibility to play as a ranger/werebear.

Available languages: // English // German //
The Bear Walker Kit will be available to every race with access to the ranger class.
The character will be limited to studded leather armor and also be less proficient with melee weapons. At level 1 he will gain the ability to shapeshift into werebear form, which will scale up as the character's level advances.

You can choose between the Enhanced Edition version for EE games or, STANDARD and LIGHT version for classic games.

The STANDARD version requires the Infinity Animation core mod to be (or get) installed, but offers a true werebear animation in return. (You should really really use this version if you can.)

The LIGHT version is for people who cannot or do not wish to use Infinity Animation core mod. Unfortunately this also means, that your werebear will have the in-game appearance of an ordinary brown bear.

Note: As of v1.8 you can install the STANDARD version, even if the Infinity Animation core mod is not installed. (You will still get a warning and be required to confirm that you really want to proceed). This was done to enable you to install the Bear Walker kit in an early stage of a megainstallation and thereby increase compatibility with mods, which are intended to affect all character kits. You still need to install the I.A core mod later on, or the kit will be broken.

Many Thanks to:

  • ShS User Argent77 for diagnosing a bug involving ShadowKeeper and offering a solution to it.
  • ShS Users 'Eric P.' and 'Gast' (who really should register ..) for proofreading.
  • The Spellhold Studios, it's forum community and the people that keep it up and running.
  • CamDawg for his Kit Creation Guide.
  • The makers and maintainers of: – WeiDU: Westley Weimer & Valerio Bigiani (The Bigg) – NearInfinity: Jon Olav Hauglid – Infinity Animations: Erephine & Miloch – TobEx: Ascension64 – all the other awesome BG2 mods.
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