Playing with the Facebook Places API in Ruby
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Playing with the Facebook Places API in Ruby

  checkins         - Get your checkins.
  checkin          - Get a checkin.
  friends_checkins - Get a friends checkins.
  check_in         - Check in to a Place.
  search_nearby    - Search nearby

How to use:
1.) Sign in to an application that you own with following extended permissions: user_checkins, friends_checkins, publish_checkins, offline_access
2.) View your cookies to find your access_token and copy it into the ACCESS_TOKEN constant at the top of edit_then_run_me.rb
3.) Uncomment the example that you wish to run, add any require parameters and run edit_then_run_me.rb

All results are returned to the console in pretty JSON.

NOTE: You may want to make the HTTP connections transactional and add some error checking before using these methods in a production application.