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2013-03-27 Release 0.6.0
* Update easystroke to gtk3
* Refactor event handling code
* Port CellRendererTextish to vala to make it work again
* Make unminimize work right
2012-10-06 Release 0.5.6
* Keycode translation improvements
* Allow gestures to be distinguished by modifiers
* Improve detection current application
* Minor UI improvements
* Make Bell work again
* Add Hungarian translations
2011-08-16 Released
* Fix build failure due to missing import
2011-08-16 Released 0.5.5
* Different timeout settings for individual devices
* Change the way button action work to make them more touchscreen
* Improve Application detection
* Use raw events for scrolling
* Add Catalan, Finnish, Korean and Traditional Chinese translations
* Make fire and water work with compiz 0.9
* Add options to not use dbus and to start easystroke disabled
2010-07-27 Released 0.5.4
* Don't start with the config dialog unless -g is passed on the
command line
* Key action and cursor position fixes
* Update Russian translations
2010-02-13 Released 0.5.3
* Fix a crash when recording gestures
* Report window manager frames as such in the application list
* Improve the recognition algorithm
* Add an option to move the cursor back to the original position
2010-01-02 Released 0.5.2
* Add Hebrew Translations
* Fix crasher bug for devices with relative 3rd axis
* Improve keycode handling
2009-10-27 Released 0.5.0
* Port easystroke to XI2, simplifying much of the code. Note that
this version of easystroke will not work on X servers < 1.7.
2009-08-19 Released 0.4.9
* Fix a bug regarding application groups
* Add Polish translations
2009-08-15 Released 0.4.8
* Fix the use-case where only application-dependent gestures are defined
* Set default gesture trail width to 3
* Update Russian translations
2009-07-05 Released 0.4.7
* Work around an X server bug causing problems with vertical gestures
* Update Russian translations
2009-06-16 Released 0.4.6
* Switch from -Os to -O2 to work around gcc bug
* Add Russian translations
* Build fix for karmic
2009-06-01 Released 0.4.5
* Fix bug that caused easystroke to crash on start up if
there were devices that couldn't be opened
* Add Chinese translations
2009-05-12 Released 0.4.4
* Fix bug that made it impossible to record gestures if there were no
default actions
* Make editing commands possible again
2009-05-09 Released 0.4.3
* Improve DND behavior
2009-05-09 Released 0.4.2
* XInput bugfixes
* French & Japanese translations and various translations updates
2009-03-16 Released
* Allow button remapping when XInput is disabled
* Various bugfixes
* Allow easystroke to only be enabled for specific applications
* Option to hide OSD
* Translation updates
2009-02-20 Released 0.4.1
* New stroke matching algorithm
* New timeout algorithm
* Click & Hold gestures
* Kill radius property
* Set environment variables containing start/end point
* Fix 'Command' action
* Option to show last gesture in tray
* Option to change scroll speed/direction
2009-02-08 Released 0.4.0
* Support for xserver-1.6
* Additional gesture buttons
* Instant Gestures
* Add Czech, German, Italian and Spanish translations
* Add 'Text' action
* Add "Timeout-Advanced" gestures
* Add conservative timeout profile, rename conservative to default
* Disable easystroke through middle-click
* Show a different icon when disabled
* Show an 'icon hidden' warning when appropriate
* Never show clicks
* Display a warning for 'click' gestures
* Save preferences in version-specific file
* Option to not show popups on advanced gestures
* Don't abort gestures when Escape is pressed, as this was causing
2008-12-22 Released 0.3.1
* Better method for drawing strokes on a composited desktop
* Several bug-fixes
* Autostart option
2008-11-07 Released 0.3.0
* application-dependent gestures
* application-dependent gesture button
* Timeout gestures
* disable easystroke for specific devices
* easystroke send "foo" to excecute action foo from the command line
* disable easystroke using the tray menu or by a gesture
* 3 new actions:
+ "Unminimize" undoes the last minimize actinos
+ "Show/Hide" brings up or hides the configuration dialog
+ "Disable (Enable)" disables (or enables if invoked from the
command line) the program.
* action list now reorderable
* hot-plugging support
* option to activate gestures with any modifier combination held down
* option to hide tray icon
* higher quality gesture previews
* Feedback in the tray icon whether the gesture succeeded or not
* Ring the bell on failed gestures
* Blue popup to notify user of scroll and ignore mode
* added support for compiz water plugin
* option to change the stroke color
* dropped support for some advanced features when xinput is unavailable
* -c option to start easystroke with config window open
* dropped -n (no gui) option
2008-09-18 Released
* bug fix release, resolvs a few minor issues
2008-08-17 Released 0.2.2
* improved visual feedback
* configurable gesture timeout
* better pointer tracking
* many minor improvements
2008-08-06 Released
* add license information to the source files
2008-08-03 Released 0.2.1, correcting some silly Makefile mistakes.
2008-08-03 Released 0.2.0.
* many tablet-related improvements
* advanced gestures
2008-06-22 Released 0.1.2.
* Fixes a few minor UI glitches.
2008-06-19 Released 0.1.1.
* "click during stroke"
This feature allows you to emulate a mouse click by clicking a second
button during a stroke (which can essentially turn a one-button tablet pen
into three-button mouse).
2008-06-14 Released 0.1
* First public release.