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// Copyright Timothy H. Keitt 2017
// By use of this header, you agree to the following terms:
// 1. Your use conforms to either
// a) the Boost Software License or
// b) the license dictated by the R package and
// 2. You acknowledge use of this software in your product by either
// a) place a visible notice somewhere in your product or
// b) cite the software as you would any R package and
// 3. You do not remove these notices from this file
#ifndef __STRIDER_H__
#define __STRIDER_H__
#include <vector>
#include <functional>
#include <boost/iterator/iterator_adaptor.hpp>
namespace strider {
namespace detail {
using boost::iterator_adaptor;
using boost::enable_if_convertible;
using boost::iterator_core_access;
using std::next;
using std::size_t;
using std::vector;
using std::iterator_traits;
template <class Iterator>
class strided_iterator
: public iterator_adaptor<strided_iterator<Iterator>, Iterator>
using super_t = iterator_adaptor<strided_iterator<Iterator>, Iterator>;
friend class iterator_core_access;
using difference_type = typename super_t::difference_type;
using value_type = typename super_t::value_type;
using pointer = typename super_t::pointer;
using reference = typename super_t::reference;
using iterator_category = typename super_t::iterator_category;
strided_iterator() {}
explicit strided_iterator(Iterator x, difference_type stride)
: super_t(x), m_stride(stride) {}
template<class OtherIterator>
strided_iterator<OtherIterator> const& r,
typename enable_if_convertible<OtherIterator, Iterator>::type* = 0)
: super_t(r.base()), m_stride(r.m_stride) {}
reference dereference() const
return *this->base_reference();
void increment() { std::advance(this->base_reference(), m_stride); }
void decrement() { std::advance(this->base_reference(), -m_stride); }
void advance(difference_type n)
std::advance(this->base_reference(), n * m_stride);
template <class OtherIterator>
distance_to(strided_iterator<OtherIterator> const& y) const
return std::distance(this->base_reference(), y.base()) / m_stride;
template <class OtherIterator>
bool equal(strided_iterator<OtherIterator> const& y) const
return this->base_reference() == y.base();
difference_type m_stride;
template<typename T>
inline strided_iterator<T>
make_strided(T iter,
typename iterator_traits<T>::difference_type stride = 0,
typename iterator_traits<T>::difference_type strides = 0)
return strided_iterator<T>(next(iter, stride * strides), stride);
template<typename T>
class strided_range
using difference_type = typename iterator_traits<T>::difference_type;
strided_range(T iter, difference_type stride, difference_type strides)
: m_iter(iter), m_stride(stride), m_strides(strides) {}
strided_iterator<T> begin() const
return make_strided(m_iter, m_stride);
strided_iterator<T> end() const
return make_strided(m_iter, m_stride, m_strides);
T m_iter;
difference_type m_stride, m_strides;
template<typename T>
inline strided_range<T>
make_strided_range(T iter,
typename iterator_traits<T>::difference_type stride,
typename iterator_traits<T>::difference_type strides)
return strided_range<T>(iter, stride, strides);
}; // namespace detail
using detail::make_strided;
using detail::strided_range;
using detail::make_strided_range;
using detail::strided_iterator;
}; // namespace strider
#endif // __STRIDER_H__
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