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1 =======================================================
2 Bachelor Thesis: Free Standards for a restful Groupware
3 =======================================================
5 Using free software in a large organization is often hindered by the lack of a
6 satisfying free alternative to Microsoft Exchange. Several free software
7 groupware systems exists, but synchronization between groupware servers, desktop
8 clients and mobile devices is still a problem.
10 In my thesis I want to explore the possibilities of recent `standard
11 developments <>`_ regarding the representation of
12 calendaring and contact informations (xCal_, xCard_), their exchange
13 (CalWS-ReST_, `portable contacts`_, `open social`_) and the adequacy of ReST
14 principles and HTTP as a base for groupware communication.
16 .. _xCal:
17 .. _xCard:
18 .. _portable contacts:
19 .. _open social:
20 .. _CalWS-ReST:
22 As concrete groupware projects I want to investigate Kolab_ and Bedework_. Both
23 projects have very interesting and diverse properties. Bedework aims for
24 compliance with standards and developers of bedeworks also participate in
25 standard bodies. It is written in Java, a type safe language suitable for large
26 projects.
28 .. _Kolab:
29 .. _Bedework:
31 Kolab has a very pragmatic appproach in that it tries to reuse existing free
32 software projects as much as possible. Therefor Kolab itself is a more a
33 repository of glue code and a knowledge base of how to configure and combine
34 OpenLDAP, Cyrus (IMAP server), Postfix (Mail transfer agent) and other
35 components. Kolab however has developed its own file format and only recently
36 started to discuss the adoption of the new xCal and xCard formats.
38 I want to see, which (preferable JVM based) libraries and frameworks already
39 exists to implement groupware systems to conform to the proposed standards,
40 which parts are missing and to contribute to the implementation of the missing
41 parts.
43 Some of the candidates for evaluation:
45 * Code inside Bedework that could be extracted to an independent library
46 * Libraries implementing portable contacts / open social ...?
47 * `CalDAV4j <>`_
48 * `iCal4j <>`_
49 * Many ReST frameworks:
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