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Features to implement:
Michael Snoyman suggests that instead of using a static subsite,
we do something like the following:
The only recommendation that comes to mind
would be to put some of the hard-coded static paths used in
makeDefaultLayout into the HasGitit typeclass, with sensible defaults.
That would theoretically make it much easier for users to override. In
the specific case of jQuery, you could use the existing YesodJquery
class from yesod-form. In general, the approach we take for these kinds
of typeclasses is to have methods like:
siteLogo :: master -> Either Text (Route master)
That way, the user can load the information from the master site
datatype if desired (which in turn means it can be in a config file),
and the `Either Text Route` lets the user either specify some external
URL or a type-safe URL.
_ preview in edit?
_ plugins/interface [started]
_ plugin loading
_ plugins in config file
_ sample plugins:
abc notation?
_ config file [started]
x make Front Page, Help configurable
_ implement page locking as in gitit
_ command-line option to specify config file? (but what about rest of config dir?)
_ site initialization
_ explicit 'init' command? or wizard?
_ user logins/accounts
_ user pages (linked from history)
_ documentation
_ man page produced from README
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