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JavaScript Application to view data about satellites and the sensors that track them:
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In 2015 @jeyoder released to visualize satellites around the earth. In 2016 @thkruz released to provide simple orbital analysis tools.

Since then the code has been rewrote multiple times and now barely resembles the original behind the scenes.

License File

At this time the code is NOT in the public domain and I reserve all rights on my modifications.

Why Post the Code Then

I wouldn't have gotten this far if I hadn't been able to reference other projects and figure out how they work. I encourage you to use my ideas and methods, especially if you are currently forking from, but I am unwilling to give away use of the code to commercial projects at this time.

How the Code Works

  • index.htm - Controls the structure of the front-end and loads all the CSS and JS files.
  • main.js - Primary JS files that controls the draw loop.
  • satSet.js - Most of the manipulation of the local satellite catalogue occurs here.
  • lookangles.js - My personal modifications to @shashwata's amazing library satellite.js.
  • satCruncher.js - Web Worker that provides x, y, z coordinates of the satellites and if it is in a sensor's FOV.
  • orbit-calculation-worker.js - Web Worker that generates future orbits for satellites.
  • TLE.json - The main database on satellites.
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