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Web to Mobi converter

Given a url to an online book or a blog it will convert it into proper mobi format to be read on the kindle.


Getting started

As a good example to see WebToInk in action try converting the Real World Haskell book.

After cloning this repo:

cd WebToInk
cabal install

cd src
runghc Converter.hs -c -f ../books

Note: at this point the KindleGen tool will have to be run manually, in the future this will be part of the automated process.

cd ../books/Real\ World\ Haskell/
kindlegen book.opf -o Real\ World\ Haskell/.mobi

Find some other online books to convert here

How it works

  • pulls down all html pages, images and css files
  • arranges them in proper folder structure and generates book.opf and toc.ncx files
  • runs KindleGen tool in order to generate the mobi file
  • sample folder structure and generated files can be found at the Learn You a Haskell project, which accomplishes a similar goal, except not automatically and only for one book.