Functions that surround a string with ansicolor codes so it prints in color.
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Functions that surround a string with ansicolor codes so it prints in color.

In case you need styles, like bold, have a look at ansistyles.


npm install ansicolors


var colors = require('ansicolors');

// foreground colors
var redHerring ='herring');
var blueMoon ='moon');
var brighBlueMoon = colors.brightBlue('moon');

console.log(redHerring);      // this will print 'herring' in red
console.log(blueMoon);        // this 'moon' in blue
console.log(brightBlueMoon);  // I think you got the idea

// background colors
console.log(colors.bgYellow('printed on yellow background'));
console.log(colors.bgBrightBlue('printed on bright blue background'));

// mixing background and foreground colors
// below two lines have same result (order in which bg and fg are combined doesn't matter)
console.log(colors.bgYellow('printed on yellow background in blue')));
console.log('printed on yellow background in blue')));

Advanced API

ansicolors allows you to access opening and closing escape sequences separately.

var colors = require('ansicolors');

function inspect(obj, depth) {
  return require('util').inspect(obj, false, depth || 5, true);

console.log('open blue', inspect(;
console.log('close bgBlack', inspect(colors.close.bgBlack));

// => open blue '\u001b[34m'
//    close bgBlack '\u001b[49m'


Look at the tests to see more examples and/or run them via:

npm explore ansicolors && npm test


ansicolors tries to meet simple use cases with a very simple API. However, if you need a more powerful ansi formatting tool, I'd suggest to look at the features of the ansi module.