Writable stream that formats bunyan records that are piped into it
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Writable stream that formats bunyan records that are piped into it

var bunyan = require('bunyan')
  , bformat = require('bunyan-format')  
  , formatOut = bformat({ outputMode: 'short' })

var log = bunyan.createLogger({ name: 'app', stream: formatOut, level: 'debug' } );

log.info('starting up');
log.debug('things are heating up', { temperature: 80, status: { started: 'yes', overheated: 'no' } });
log.warn('getting a bit hot', { temperature: 120 });
log.error('OOOOHHH it burns!', new Error('temperature: 200'));
log.fatal('I died! Do you know what that means???');
  • Printing the level in String representation for Json objects
var bunyan = require('bunyan')
  , bformat = require('../')
  , formatOut = bformat({ outputMode: 'bunyan', levelInString: true })

The output would use the string levels:

$ node example/json-string-level.js 
{"name":"app","hostname":"ubuntu","pid":28081,"level":"INFO","msg":"starting up","time":"2014-12-01T19:41:29.136Z","v":0}
{"name":"app","hostname":"ubuntu","pid":28081,"level":"DEBUG","msg":"things are heating up { temperature: 80,\n  status: { started: 'yes', overheated: 'no' } }","time":"2014-12-01T19:41:29.142Z","v":0}
{"name":"app","hostname":"ubuntu","pid":28081,"level":"WARN","msg":"getting a bit hot { temperature: 120 }","time":"2014-12-01T19:41:29.143Z","v":0}
{"name":"app","hostname":"ubuntu","pid":28081,"level":"ERROR","msg":"OOOOHHH it burns! [Error: temperature: 200]","time":"2014-12-01T19:41:29.144Z","v":0}
{"name":"app","hostname":"ubuntu","pid":28081,"level":"FATAL","msg":"I died! Do you know what that means???","time":"2014-12-01T19:41:29.144Z","v":0}



npm install bunyan-format


 * Creates a writable stream that formats bunyan records written to it.
 * @name BunyanFormatWritable
 * @function
 * @param opts {Options} passed to bunyan format function
 *  - outputMode: short|long|simple|json|bunyan
 *  - color (true): toggles colors in output
 *  - colorFromLevel: allows overriding log level colors
 * @param out {Stream} (process.stdout) writable stream to write 
 * @return {WritableStream} that you can pipe bunyan output into