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configurate build status

Set up workflow to load existing or default config, allow user to edit it and then serializes it to disk.


var path        =  require('path')
  , rmrf        =  require('rimraf')
  , configurate =  require('configurate')
  , log         =  require('npmlog')
  , promfig     =  require('promfig')

var properties = { 
    user      :  'Please enter your username :  '
  , password  :  'Please enter your password :  '
  , '@secret' :  'password'

// see:
var edit = promfig.bind(null, properties);

var defaultConfig =  path.join(__dirname, 'defaults', 'cjs-partial.js')
  , configDir     =  path.join(__dirname, 'config')
  , configFile    =  'configurate.js'

    { configDir     :  configDir 
    , configFile    :  configFile
    , defaultConfig :  defaultConfig
    , edit          :  edit
  , function (err, config, configPath) {
      if (err) return console.error(err);'done', 'config:\n', config);'done', 'stored at:', configPath);
.on('created-configdir', function (dir) {'configurator', 'created config dir at: ', dir); 

default config - cjs-partial:

module.exports = {
    default          :  true
  , id               :  1
  , numberOfDefaults :  2


➝  node examples/simple.js
info configurator created config dir at:  /Users/thlorenz/dev/js/projects/configurate/examples/config
Please enter your username : thlorenz
Please enter your password :  ********************************************
info done config:
info done  { default: true,
info done   id: 1,
info done   numberOfDefaults: 2,
info done   user: 'thlorenz',
info done   password: 'superlongandsecretpasswordthatiuseeverywhere' }
info done stored at: /Users/thlorenz/dev/js/projects/configurate/examples/config/configurate.js

Many more examples


npm install configurate


###function configurate (opts:Object, cb:Function) -> EventEmitter

  • opts allows overriding invoked functions and other options

    • paths
      • configDir {String} directory in which the config file resides (default $HOME) if it is relative, it is created relative to $HOME
      • configFile {String} name of the config file which is combined with the configDir to build full config file path
      • defaultConfig {String} full path to default config to load in case the config is not found at the config path
    • functions
      • each function may take a second parameter (a callback) in order to process asynchronously
      • load {Function} called with full path to config, default is require('..')
      • edit {Function} called with loaded config object, by default config is not edited
      • serialize {Function} called with edited config object, default creates 'module.exports = { ... }'
  • cb function (err:Error, config:Object, configPath:String)

    • err is set if something went wrong
    • config object that was saved including all edits, etc.
    • configPath full path to file into which the config was saved
  • EventEmitter emits the following events:

    • created-configdir with the path to the created dir
    • copied-default with the path to the default config that was copied and the path to which it was copied to
    • loaded-config with the loaded config
    • notfound-config with the object used to configure from scratch
    • edited-config with the edited config object
    • serialized-config with the serialized config
    • wrote-config with the path that the config was written to

Possible configuration workflows

Workflows are demonstrated in the provided examples and tests.

config exists

  • mkdir
  • load config
  • edit loaded config
  • serialize edited config
  • write config

config doesn't exist and default config is given

  • mkdir
  • copy default config
  • load copied config
  • edit loaded config
  • serialize edited config
  • write config

config doesn't exist and no default config is given

  • mkdir
  • edit config starting from scratch ( {} )
  • serialize edited config
  • write config