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Most of these instructions are ripped off straight from here.


git clone git://

Where possible, Vim plugins are installed as git submodules. Check these out by running the commands:

cd dotfiles
git submodule update --init

Vim scripts without a repo will be pulled down during clone. They can be updated via:

ruby update_vim_scripts

Create symlinks:

ln -s ~/dotfiles/bashrc      ~/.bashrc
ln -s ~/dotfiles/bashprofile ~/.profile
ln -s ~/dotfiles/inputrc     ~/.inputrc
ln -s ~/dotfiles/vimrc       ~/.vimrc
ln -s ~/dotfiles/irbrc       ~/.irbrc
ln -s ~/dotfiles/vim         ~/.vim
ln -s ~/dotfiles/ctags       ~/.ctags
ln -s ~/dotfiles/gitconfig   ~/.gitconfig
ln -s ~/dotfiles/tigrc       ~/.tigrc
ln -s ~/dotfiles/cardinalrc  ~/.cardinalrc
ln -s ~/dotfiles/agignore    ~/.agignore

ln -s ~/dotfiles/config/nstart  ~/.config/nstart
ln -s ~/dotfiles/config/pkginit ~/.config/pkginit

cp ~/dotfiles/fonts/* ~/Library/Fonts/

Tagbar Plugin

In order for the tagbar plugin to work, we replace the original ctags with a better version.

Assuming you are on a Mac and have Homebrew installed run:

sudo sh ~/dotfiles/installs/

Clang completion on Mavericks

Link libclang to where the clang plugin looks for it.

ln -s /Applications/ /usr/local/lib/libclang.dylib

Alternatively adjust the g:clang_library_path.


Install pygments

sudo easy_install Pygments


On a Mac install macvim and use it's built in cli vim via:

brew install macvim --override-system-vim

Then make sure that /usr/local/bin is first in your PATH.

My preferences for Vim are stored in dotfiles/vimrc.

All plugins and scripts are stored in the dotfiles/vim directory.

Updating all Plugin modules to latest version

In order to update all submodules to the latest 'master' you can do:

git submodule foreach git pull origin master


In order to use the autojump plugin

brew install autojump

Adding Plugin Bundles

Plugins that are published on github can be installed as submodules. For example, to install the JavaScript bundle, follow these steps:

cd ~/dotfiles
git submodule add vim/bundle/vim-javascript

This will update the .gitmodules file by appending something like:

[submodule "vim/bundle/vim-javascript"]
    path = vim/bundle/vim-javascript
    url =

As well as checkout out the git repo into the vim/bundle/vim-javascript directory. You can then commit these changes as follows:

git add .
git ci -m "Added the javascript bundle"
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