Documenting types and methods of libuv, mostly by reading 'uv.h'.
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Documenting types and methods of libuv, mostly by reading uv.h.


The information found in uv.h has been organized into three categories:

Examples were added to show how the API is used.


The inheritance relationship is documented via :, i.e. uv_tcp_t : uv_stream_t denotes that uv_tcp_t derives from uv_stream_t and thus has all the stream type fields.

Macros of extra/private fields have been resolved as much as was sensible and the original location and name is documented, i.e. the private fields for uv_fs_t found inside include/uv-unix.h are included.

Note: uv-unix.h was always preferred over uv-win.h when resolving fields from macros.


Although they are techniqually types as well they are documented in a separately in order to speed up lookup.


The methods are categorized and ordered to mirror the categorization and order of the types that they use.


The libuv version at that is the source of this documentation is: v0.11.17.