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Harness for testing modules that add functionality to the nodejs readline.
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Harness for testing modules that add functionality to the nodejs readline.

var wraprli= require('./module/totest') 
  , harness = require('readline-testharness')
  , createHarness = harness.create
  , createRli = harness.rli;
  , assert = require('assert');

var rli = createRli()
  , hns = createHarness(wraprli, rli);


assert.equal(hns.rli.wordLeft, 1, 'moves cursor one word left');


npm i -D readline-testharness


harness.create(wrapperFn[, createRli]);

  • creates a harness to test the given readline interface wrapper function
  • createRli (rli mock creator function) is optional and default one is used if it is not given

harness functions/properties

  • hns.rli the readline interface mock
  • hns.rlw the return value of the given wrapperFn
  • hns.key(k) simulates a key press. k is a readline key (i.e. { name: 's', ctrl: true })
  • hns.keyed keeps track of calls to hns.key (mainly for test description)
  • hns.code(c) simulates a key press with the given code (c)
  • hns.coded keeps track of calls to hns.code (mainly for test description)
  • hns.seq(s) simulates a sequence of key presses, one for each char in s
  • hns.seqed keeps track of calls to hns.seq (mainly for test description)
  • hns.reset resets the state of the harness (i.e. creates new rli and rlw and resets keyed, coded and seqed
  • hns.onreset assign a function that you want to be called during hns.reset


  • creates a readline interface mock that keeps track of functions called and properties on it
  • it exposes properties of same name as the readline interface functions, i.e., moveCursor tracks calls to _moveCursor
  • this can be used to create the default one and customize it before passing it to the harness
  • for more info consult its implementation
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