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added shortcut for auto selecting block and sending to screen

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1 parent c78daca commit e6dd4222967cc8bb5e69307ab9c6812850956c12 Thorsten Lorenz committed Oct 22, 2011
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2 plugin/slime.vim
@@ -41,5 +41,7 @@ nmap <C-c><C-c> vip<C-c><C-c>
" Ctrl-C, Ctrl-S will compile coffee code and then send results to the
" connected screen
vmap <C-c><C-s> "ry:call Send_Coffee_to_NodeRepl_Screen(@r)<CR>
+nmap <C-c><C-s> vip<C-c><C-s>
nmap <C-c>v :call Screen_Vars()<CR>

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