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Discord Bot

TryHackMe Python Discord Bot

Source: Created by DarkStar7471 aka Jon


​A bot created for usage on the TryHackMe discord chat server.

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  • DarkStar7471
    • Initial commit and creation, initial cogs and base features
  • Robin
    • Early dev, room cog, social, gtfobins
  • Paradox
    • Shibe, spaniel
  • Yume
    • Boop and honk
  • Dan @SherlockSec
    • Leaderboard generation, tweet command
  • Horshark
    • Room cog, role sync, stats, rank, rules, help/staff, vote, giveaway, faq, jira, overall rewrite and improvement, database; utils; commands libs, minor features and fixes
  • CMNatic
    • Housekeeping / general maintenance, integrating thm help site, feedback, vpnscript
  • 5nake.exe
    • Exploitdb search
  • szymex73
    • TryHackMe API call optimizations, leaderboard generation optimizations
  • TuxTheXplorer
    • Cooctus
  • 0day
    • Added Ollie bot

Commands: {required args} | [optional args]

Verifying/Role Assigning Commands verify {token} | Verify yourself to get your roles.

Room writeup {room_code} | Get the writeups for a room. randomroom | Select a random room.

Announcements notifyme | Toggle the role to get notified on announcements.

Leaderboard Commands leaderboard [page] | Prints the leaderboard. monthly [page] | Prints this month's leaderboard.

Rank Commands rank [@mention/username] | Get a THM member's rank.

FAQ vpn | Learn how to use OpenVPN to connect to our network! multivpn | Learn how to look for duplicate instance of your OpenVPN connection. vpnscript | Use our VPN troubleshooting script to diagnose common issues!

Rules Commands rules | Sends the rules. rule {rule} | Sends the requested rule.

Gtfobins gtfobins [query] | Search GTFObins for a term.

Social github | Get the bot's Github link. twitter | Get the Twitter link. reddit | Get the Reddit link. website | Get the Website link. discord | Get the Discord invite. social | Get links to all our socials. tweet | Get THM's last tweet.

Fun Commands skidy | Sends Skidy's emote. ashu | Send Ashu's emote. dark | Send a random Darkstar quote. honk | HOOONK! boop {@user} | Boop someone! noot | NOOT NOOT! shibe | Sends a shibe picture. spaniel | Sends a spaniel picture. xkcd | Send a random XKCD comic. cooctus | Sends a cooctus clan member. ollie | Sends a random Ollie picture. reno | Sends a random Mr. Pupperino picture.

Help staff | Displays all staff commands. help | Displays all commands.

Provide Feedback feedback | Let us know what you think of TryHackMe!

Utility exploit [-Title][-CVE][-Type][-Platform][-Port][-Content][-Author][-Tag][-Help] {Query} | Searches exploit-db for exploits.

Docs docs [topic] | List our documented topics.