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Dec 9, 2018
Dec 1, 2018

This is the repo for Feel free to contribute to the project by adding names. Keep in mind that more isn't better. Quality over quantity. Quality being the most common/popular names in a region.

The Algorithm

When the option to pick a region at random is selected, a region will be picked based on the amount of possible name-combinations for that region. A region with more names is more likely to be picked, and regions with less names are less likely to be picked. I propose having a maximum of 100 male names, 100 female names and 300 last names per region. That's 60.000 possible combinations per region.

The Layout (JSON)

    "region": "Region",
    "male": ["Male", "First", "Names"],
    "female": ["Female", "First", "Names"],
    "surnames": ["Last", "Names"]


All responses are returned as JSON(P) over HTTP(S). There is currently no request limit. However, please keep the amount of requests to a minimum, and cache responses whenever possible.

Basic usage
  "region":"United States"

Optional Parameters

Number of names to return, between 1 and 500:

Limit results to the male or female gender:

Region-specific results:

Require a minimum number of characters in a name:

Require a maximum number of characters in a name:

For JSONP, specify a callback function to wrap results in:

Extra Data

Additional random data is served to requests passing an ext parameter. However, response times may be slower, especially when requesting larger quantities of data. All photos are hand-picked from (license):
  "name": "John",
  "surname": "Doe",
  "gender": "male",
  "region": "United States",
  "age": 29,
  "title": "mr",
  "phone": "(123) 456 7890",
  "birthday": {
  "dmy": "19/06/1987", // day, month, year
  "mdy": "06/19/1987", // month, day, year
  "raw": 551062610 // UNIX timestamp
  "email": "",
  "password": "Doe87(!",
  "credit_card": {
    "expiration": "12/20",
    "number": "1234-5678-1234-5678",
    "pin": 1234,
    "security": 123
  "photo": ""

Exception handling

Error messages have the following format:

{"error":"Region or language not found"}


This project is initiated and maintained by @thomweerd.


This massive collection of names wouldn't have been as complete without the help of these wonderful people. Thanks for all the contributions and the continued support!

Special thanks to Claudio Albertin for his work on the API.


Parts of this repository are licensed. Except where otherwise stated, any code not covered by this license is published under exclusive copyright. See to learn more.


A simple tool to generate names for use in designs and mockups.







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