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Ad Hoc App Packager (adhoc) Version 1.0 by Aral Balkan

Copyright (c) 2009 Aral Balkan (Blog, Twitter)

Released under the open source MIT License.

Packages an Ad Hoc distribution.


  1. Copy the adhoc folder into your Xcode project folder
  2. Make an Ad Hoc distribution build in Xcode
  3. Run ./adhoc/package [ConfigurationName]

If you leave out [ConfigurationName], adhoc will default to the configuration name of "Distribution" (without quotes).

Your Ad Hoc IPA file and the correct provisioning profile to send to your beta testers will be in the adhoc/packages/<AppVersion>/ folder.

The dSYM file (which you use to desymbolize and make sense of the crash reports your beta testers send you) will also be backed up to the /backups folder. Do not send the backups folder to your beta testers.


  • If you want a custom icon in your IPA file, create a 512x512 PNG/JPG, save it as "iTunesArtwork" (without an extension, and without the quotes), and copy it into the root folder of your project.