Builds a family tree by using the individuals and families created with GedcomCreator
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Builds a family tree from GEDCOM structures which have been created as GedcomNodes. Individuals and family structures can be added to the tree builder which are then used to build the family tree, starting from any given individual.

![License]( v2.0-802879.svg) Java Version ![Apache Maven ready]( Maven ready-3.3.9%2B-FF6804.svg)

The basic steps to create a family tree are the following:

  1. Create your individuals using the GedcomStore, the GedcomCreator or load your individuals from a CSV file with FamilyChartToGedcom
  2. Define the families (with the same tools listed above)
  3. Add the individuals and the families to GedcomToFamilyTree (with addIndividual and addFamily)
  4. Let GedcomToFamilyTree build the family tree, starting from the individual you want

See the test code for examples.

Built with Maven

This project can be built with Maven

Maven command:

$ mvn clean install

pom.xml entry in your project: