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Have you ever been frustrated with joysticks? Do you want something to use on your desk that isn't a massive box you have to put away somewhere when you're not using it? Do you prefer the natural spacing of a keyboard over the finger-stretching traditional arcade buttons? Maybe you want something that you can easily use on-the-go. The Fightboard aims to solve all of those problems.


Ergonomic layout

The Fightboard uses a combination of an arrow/wasd cluster at a 15% angle and action buttons following the traditional arcade stick layout but with the spacing of keyboard keys.

Kailh Choc switches

Why low-profile switches? One of my main design goals for this controller was to make it as slim as possible to improve ergonomics and portability. These low-profile switches have 3mm of travel compared to the 4mm of Cherry MX switches, with an actuation point 1mm higher as well. They also help the Fightboard come in at only 22mm thick, as the lower half of the switch is also much shorter.

Hot-swap sockets

Unhappy with your switch coice? Want different zones with different types of switches? All you have to do is pull them out and swap them with whatever you prefer, no soldering required.


The RGB LEDs indicate the function of each button. The default profile uses Xbox colors for the 4 face buttons, but these can be changed to suit your preferences or the colors used in-game. The LED for each key turns off when the key is pressed and fades back on when released.

Idle mode

The LEDs will turn off after a minute of inactivity. Pressing any button will turn them back on.

Easy remapping

Settings are all built into the keypad and allow you to remap keys on-the-fly.

Console compatibility with adapters

By default, the Fightboard is only compatible with PC. However, its compatibility can be expanded with the purchase with an adapter that converts Xbox 360 controllers to your console of choice. Below is the full compatibility list based on my testing.

System Compatible Link
PC Yes No adapter needed
Switch Untested Amazon
Xbox One Yes Amazon
PS4 Yes Amazon
Xbox 360 No Not compatible


All settings are accessible from the controller itself by pressing back and start simultaneously.

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From the main menu, you can press one of the 8 keys on the right to switch between 8 different profiles. These all have independent settings so you can set up each profile for a different game, each with different colors and mappings.


You can press the start button after entering the menu to enter the remapper. While in the remapper, pressing one button will make it pulse quickly. Press another button and the two buttons will swap places, along with their colors.

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Color changing

You can also press back on the main menu to enter color changing mode. Pressing one of the keys will cycle through RGB for that key.

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Remapping and color changing are only available for the 8 keys on the right. The d-pad keys are not reconfigurable.


Pressing L3 and R3 simultaneously in the main menu will clear the current profile back to its default settings.

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Exiting menus

Pressing the home button will always take you one step back out of a menu, meaning it will take you to the main menu on the color changer or remapper and exit from the main menu.

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