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Commits on Mar 15, 2012
Commits on Mar 13, 2012
  1. @neo-technology-release-persona
  2. @neo-technology-release-persona
  3. @tinwelint

    Updated changelogs

    tinwelint authored
  4. Merge pull request #331 from tinwelint/txlog-rotation-logging

    Added more logging around rotation of tm_tx_log.
  5. @tinwelint

    Added more comments

    tinwelint authored
  6. @tinwelint
  7. @tinwelint
  8. @tinwelint

    Added more logging around rotation of tm_tx_log. Also extended LogTes…

    tinwelint authored
    …tUtils a bit more to be able to read/filter in more ways
Commits on Mar 12, 2012
Commits on Mar 10, 2012
  1. @nawroth @peterneubauer
  2. @nawroth @peterneubauer

    Added autocoloring support for nodes and relationships.

    nawroth authored peterneubauer committed
    Introduced a simplified style without node title/id.
    AsciiDocHelper now defaults to autocolored releationships and to not show node ids.
    Updated some examples to still show node ids, but this should better be avoided.
    Made rest docs default to include node ids.
    The new AsciiDocSimpleStyle class contains factory methods to configure coloring.
  3. @tinwelint

    Merge pull request #327 from thobe/master

    tinwelint authored
    Fixes truncating issue when store is closed with idGenerator in bad state
Commits on Mar 9, 2012
  1. Fix for an issue where store files could be closed with id generators…

    … in a bad state, leading to truncation of much of the store file.
    Also includes some improvements to test infrastructure in order to properly test this scenario.
  2. Refactored EphemeralFileSystemAbstraction.

    o Broke apart the data of the file from the FileChannel implementation.
    o Removed a bunch of unused code.
    This was required in order to make it possible to close() a re-opened file,
    which was required in order to make releasing of file locks on close() work as expected.
    All in all this means that a GraphDatabase that uses an EphemeralFileSystem can now be restarted.
  3. Made sure FileSystemAbstraction is used in the places where the file …

    …system is accessed.
    There are still a few places where is used directly, but I believe those to be ok.
    Most notably, FileSystemAbstraction is now used by IdGenerators.
    Also fixed some minor issues with EphemeralFileSystemAbstraction in order to use it with IdGenerators:
    o now follows the contract of ReadableByteChannel.
    o tryLock() uses internal locking code directly now, to avoid leaking to the actual FS.
  4. @systay

    Merge pull request #324 from neo4j/webadmin-imports-cleanup-again

    systay authored
    Webadmin imports cleanup
  5. @systay
  6. @jakewins
  7. @jakewins
  8. @systay @peterneubauer

    A fix for #276 that doesn break everything

    systay authored peterneubauer committed
  9. @systay

    Merge pull request #323 from peterneubauer/at_noop

    systay authored
    Documentation fixes
  10. @peterneubauer

    fix better assertion

    peterneubauer authored
  11. @peterneubauer


    peterneubauer authored
  12. @peterneubauer
  13. @peterneubauer

    adding array JSON test

    peterneubauer authored
  14. @peterneubauer


    peterneubauer authored
  15. @systay

    Revert "fixes #276"

    systay authored
    This reverts commit c8d6e70.
Commits on Mar 8, 2012
  1. @peterneubauer
  2. @nawroth @peterneubauer

    Refactored the OrderedPath example into a separate (from the test) cl…

    nawroth authored peterneubauer committed
    …ass. Prepared it to use a generated graph.
  3. @nawroth @peterneubauer
  4. @nawroth @peterneubauer
  5. @nawroth @peterneubauer

    Improved the java query example, fixes #230. Formatted the Cypher par…

    nawroth authored peterneubauer committed
    …ameters examples.
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