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import cats.Functor
import cats.instances.future._
import cats.instances.list._
import cats.instances.option._
import scala.concurrent.{Await, Future}
import scala.concurrent.duration._
import scala.languageFeature.higherKinds._
* Examples illustrating the use of Functors from the Cats library.
* see
object Functors {
case class LineItem(price: Double)
* Base method which operates on LineItems
* @param lineItem
* @return
def applyVat(lineItem: LineItem): LineItem = lineItem.copy(price = lineItem.price * 1.2)
* Use a Functor to map over "something", applying op to each item
* @param item A List, Option or any other "type constructor" (Wrapper type)
* @param op The operation to perform
* @param ev A Functor implementation for type F
* @tparam A
* @tparam B
* @tparam F A type constructor e.g. List, Option, Future etc
* @return
def withFunctor[A, B, F[_]](item: F[A], op: A => B)(implicit ev: Functor[F]): F[_] = Functor[F].map(item)(op)
* An implicit class which just allows us to call .nestedMap on any nested functor e.g. a List[Option[LineItem]
* @param underlying "something" that consists of two nested "wrapper types" e.g. List[Option]
* @param ev$1 Functor implementation for the outer wrapper
* @param ev$2 Functor implementation for the inner wrapper
* @tparam A The type of the item itself
* @tparam F Outer wrapper
* @tparam G Inner wrapper
implicit class RichFunctor[A, F[_]: Functor, G[_]: Functor](underlying: F[G[A]]) {
def nestedMap[B](op: A => B): F[G[B]] = Functor[F].compose[G].map(underlying)(op)
def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
// Pass List to withVat
val lineItemsList = List(LineItem(10.0), LineItem(20.0))
withFunctor(lineItemsList, applyVat).foreach(println)
// Pass an Option
val maybeLineItem: Option[LineItem] = Some(LineItem(10))
withFunctor(maybeLineItem, applyVat).foreach(println)
// Compose Future & Option
val eventualLineItem: Future[Option[LineItem]] = Future.successful { Some(LineItem(10)) }
val eventualResult = Functor[Future].compose[Option].map(eventualLineItem)(applyVat)
Await.result(eventualResult, 1.second).foreach(println)
// Using the nestedMap function
val eventualResultNestedMap = eventualLineItem.nestedMap(applyVat)
Await.result(eventualResultNestedMap, 1.second).foreach(println)
// WARNING - Advanced stuff here!
* More advanced usage which requires some hacks to get things in the correct
* shape for the compiler. This is a downside to Scala's strong type safety,
* sometimes it actually works against us :(
def advancedOps(): Unit = {
val eventualLineItem: Future[Option[LineItem]] = Future.successful { Some(LineItem(10)) }
// We can still use our withFunctor method with nested functors but it's a little messy
// as we need to define a custom type and Functor implementation
// withFunctor takes type F[_] i.e. Option[LineItem] but we're passing F[G[_]] i.e. Future[Option[LineItem]]
// so we need to "flatten" the type back to F[_] to get it in the right "shape".
// we do this by fixing one of the types (option in this case) and leaving the remaining type free
// i.e. F[G[_]] => F[_]
type FutureOption[A] = Future[Option[A]]
// Cats includes Functors for Future and Option but we need to compose them
// together to create a Functor capable of handling Future[Option[A]]
implicit val futureOptionFunctor = Functor[Future].compose[Option]
withFunctor[LineItem, LineItem, FutureOption](eventualLineItem, applyVat)
// Alternatively we can use Cats' Nested type
val nested = Nested(eventualLineItem)
// Similar to the FutureOption compiler hack
// withFunctor expects to receive something of type F[_] (one "hole")
// but our nested type is actually [F[_], G[_], A] so we fix the first two types
// i.e. Nested[F[_], G[_], A] => Nested[_]
type NestedFutureOption[A] = Nested[Future, Option, A]
val eventualResultNested = withFunctor[LineItem, LineItem, NestedFutureOption](nested, applyVat).value
Await.result(eventualResultNested, 1.second).foreach(println)
// Alternative implementation which uses the kind compiler plugin to define a
// custom type on the fly instead of needing the NestedFutureOption type
val eventualResultNested2 = withFunctor[LineItem, LineItem, Nested[Future, Option, ?]](nested, applyVat).value
Await.result(eventualResultNested2, 1.second).foreach(println)