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The Mocca Programming Language

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The Mocca Programming Language

Actually it´s much to early for a more precise description, but I try it nonetheless:

  • dynamically typed
  • interpreted within JavaScript, no compilation.
  • int, boolean and function data types
  • expression evaluation respective correct precedence and associativity
  • variable definitions and usage in expressions
  • lexical scoping
  • functions capture their definition context (aka "closures")
  • a function call returns the last statement per default
  • a few semantic runtime checks

Mocca is experimental at the moment but there are some things on my mind I want to evaluate:

  • use native JavaScript and JavaScript libraris from within Mocca
  • direct integration of "standard libraries" in the language. That means something like "jQuery as language construct"
  • extending Mocca with library functions that are indistinguishable from builtin keywords
  • programs as data (aka "metaprogramming")
  • code generation for JavaScript (and another language?!)

See index.html for a few code samples.

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