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sendwithus-clj: Clojure SDK for the sendwithus API

This library provides a easy to use interface for integrating the sendwithus for sending and managing all aspects of email transactions.


The sendwithus-clj library can be installed as a dependency from Clojars

    [sendwithus-clj "1.0.2"]

Or gradle

compile "sendwithus-clj:sendwithus-clj:1.0.2"

Or maven



(use 'sendwithus-clj.core)

The library provide a simple macro (with-send-with-us [api-key]) that uses your sendwithus api key to wrap all request to the api.


; gets all drip campaigns
(with-send-with-us "api-key-here"
;=> [{:enabled false, :id dc_HNiKwoKo44UnVnhf9iBmHX, :name My Campaign, :trigger_email_id nil, :drip_steps [{:delay_seconds 604800, :id dcs_TXb27jmMpSv9V3497iHdaL, :email_id tem_B76FSNaAtKYYeqnALoBYVh, :object drip_step}], :object drip_campaign}]

The library also exposes record constructs that make more rich payloads easy:

(defrecord Template [id locale version name subject html text])
(defrecord Recipient [address name])
(defrecord Sender [address reply_to name])
(defrecord Email [email_id recipient cc bcc sender email_data tags headers inline files esp_account locale version_name])
(defrecord RenderRequest [template_id template_data version_id version_name locale strict])
(defrecord DripCampaign [drip_campaign_id recipient cc bcc sender email_data tags esp_account locale])

These can be used directly with the library:

; Sending an email
(with-send-with-us "api-key-here"
    (send-email (Email.
                  (Recipient. "" "recipient test")
                  [(Recipient. "" "cc test")]
                  [(Recipient. "" "bcc test")]
                  (Sender. "" "" "SWU clj")
                  {:amount "$12.99"}
                  ["tag1" "tag2"]
                  {:X-HEADER-ONE "custom header"}
                  {:id "inline-message" :data "SGkgdGhpcyBpcyBhIG1lc3NhZ2U="}
                  [{:id "doc.txt" :data "SGVsbG8sIHRoaXMgaXMgYSB0ZXh0IGZpbGUuCg=="}]
;=> {:success true, :status OK, :receipt_id log_37f0270870c138f526cace50b7615f6c, :email {:locale en-US, :version_name Version, :name My Template}}

Email interactions

  • (send-email [email]) note: uses the Email. record
  • (resend-email [log-id])
  • (batch-send [emails]) note: uses a vector of Email. records

Template interactions

  • (get-templates [])
  • (get-templates [template-id])
  • (get-templates [template-id locale])
  • (get-templates [template-id locale version])
  • (update-template [template]) note: uses the Template. record
  • (create-template [template]) note: uses the Template. record
  • (add-locale [template]) note: uses the Template. record
  • (add-version [template]) note: uses the Template. record with optional locale

Logs interactions

  • (get-logs [])
  • (get-logs [log-id events?])

Snippets interactions

  • (get-snippets [])
  • (get-snippets [snippet-id])
  • (create-snippet [name body])
  • (update-snippet [snippet-id name body])
  • (delete-snippet [snippet-id])

Email service provider interactions

  • (get-providers [])
  • (set-default-provider [provider-id])

Customer interactions

  • (get-customers [email])
  • (get-customer-logs [email])
  • (upsert-customer [email])
  • (upsert-customer [email email-data])
  • (upsert-customer [email email-data locale])
  • (delete-customer [email])
  • (add-customer-to-group [email group-id])
  • (remove-customer-from-group [email group-id])
  • (remove-customer-from-campaigns [email])
  • (remove-customer-from-campaigns [email campaign-id])

Campaign interactions

  • (add-customer-to-campaign [drip-campaign]) note: this uses the DripCampaign. record
  • (get-drip-campaigns [])
  • (get-drip-campaigns [drip-campaign-id])

Segment interactions

  • (get-segments [])
  • (send-to-segment [segment-id template-id email-data])

Group interactions

  • (get-groups [])
  • (create-group [name description])
  • (update-group [group-id name description])
  • (delete-group [group-id])


All api examples can be found in the sendwithus-clj.examples namespace

Questions or Comments or Bugs

If you come across any issues, please file them on the Github project issue tracker.


Check out sendwithus-clj docs


Check out the full SendWithUs API Documentation.


Copyright © 2015 Tyler Hoersch

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.