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The purpose of this project is to compile a corpus of documentation
for Mojo/Mojolicious, oriented towards a beginner user in the world
of modern Model/View/Controller web frameworks.

We hope to explain the concepts and the architecture and make it clear
how to use the different components of Mojolicious to different ends
and in different contexts.

This is hoped to be as much as a complement to the existing
Mojolicious documentation, reused and integrated with the
Mojolicious::Guides and the Mojolicious Wiki
L<> as much as possible.

As that happens, the copyright should be reassigned to Mojolicious
distribution author and it should be issued under the same conditions
as the rest of the package, under its release managers decisions.

The authors of the original material retain the rights to republish
this in different context, so any contributors should probably
contribute to the version or subsection accepted in the Mojolicious
contribution - this is just a scratch pad, YMMV. You have been warned.

All the mistakes are ours, the truth can be only found in the code,
pointed to by the guides and the reference docs.