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GitHub Corners

Phew, GitHub is over ten years old now... and is unquestionably synonymous with open source. After 10 years, those GitHub ribbons are more than overdue for a cleaner, more modern alternative. This is my take.

By using SVG, these corners can be clean and sharp. Any color, and size. As well as have a little character and interactivity!

You can build your own with the SVGs, copy some of the pre-defined code, or just change the fill and color values on the main <svg> element.


You can see the page here... but I really recommend visiting the page to see the small animations that really make them come to life.

Here's the page


Naturally, these aren't built by GitHub, or endorsed by them.

Copyright (c) 2016 Tim Holman - http://tholman.com

The MIT License