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These anime disks are an aesthetic experience.
Just show me more!

Every now and then you stumble onto a Twitter thread that is so on point, you find yourself scrolling and scrolling until you're at the very end. This is one of those times.

{{< tweet-nothread 1214319995548622848 >}}

Jarrett Poole has put together a beautiful tweet thread that puts the disks on display, pulling you straight into the hand drawn, nostalgic anime world.

{{< tweet-nothread 1214327288289906688 >}}

Honestly, the clips are so short I could barely recognize some of these... but I gave myself a healthy pat on the back for the few that I was able to pin down.

Seriously, just check out the thread.

...or not. Here's a another for making it this far:

{{< tweet-nothread 1214320158375694336 >}}

And one more:

{{< tweet-nothread 1214319964812767233 >}}

If you know which anime any of these are from, please feel free to edit this post on GitHub and send in a pull request with an attribution under the tweets.

The Tweet Thread
Jarrett Poole
Jarrett Poole on Twitter

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