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“Please, Touch the Artwork” brings more puzzling to abstract art.
Is it out yet?

Belgian game studio, creatively named Studio Waterzooi, have been hard at work on their first title: Please, Touch the Artwork.

Slated for release on iOS, The Google Play store,, and more.

I have to say, it looks like a wonderful combination of abstract art and a calming, zen gameplay with some puzzling twists.

{{< youtube emnB9sydZuc >}}

Looking at the trailer, we can see that every piece of the game, right down to the minimalistic main character, has been inspired by different pieces of art.

Sadly, the game isn't quite complete just yet, but has a planned release date of early 2020. The easiest way to stay notified, is to follow the studio's twitter account.

What else do we know? Well, there are a few more things. This tweet...

{{< twitter 1159202412965638145 >}} a great glimpse into how some of the puzzles will work, as you piece together some of Piet Mondrian's masterpieces. There's a gold esqe 'par' system to provide you a challenge, if thats your type of thing.

The studio's Instagram is also showing off bits and pieces of the game, as it comes along.

{{< instagram Bwg6OkiI2xS >}}

They've also promised differing music styles, to match different works. Boogie Woogie anyone?

If you still can't wait, you can keep track of the developer on Twitch who occasionally does some live development, which is always a treat!

And for those of you who are here especially for the code and art, I've written an interactive tutorial getting into some the nitty-gritty of coding a generative Mondrian work.

Studio Waterzooi
Studio Waterzooi on Twitter

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