A website to link out to all of the awesome filler text in the world.
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Meet The Ipsums

A website to link out to all of the awesome filler text in the world - meettheipsums.com

To Add an ipsum

  1. Pull repository
  2. Add respective code:
<!-- ipsum name here -->
    <div class="title">Ipsum name ipsum</div>
    <div class="sample" style="color: #unique-hex-color;">
        A bunch of ipsum text, all in one line, with no line breaks. Probably enouch to fill a good sized screen.
    <div class="link">
        <span>full text available at</span>
        <a href="http://ipsum-link.com/" target="_blank">Ipsum name Ipsum</a>
  1. Test, make sure everything is working nicely.
  2. Add link to this README.
  3. Commit.


  • Ipsum site must have original domain (not a subdomain etc)
  • Would be best if the Ipsum site has as little advertising as possible (Ideally none at all). This just makes the experience nicer.
  • Avoid duplicate Ipsums (we don't need 100 startup ipsums)
  • Avoid really poorly designed sites (lets just keep a little quality to these)

Current Ipsums

Here is a list of the current ipsums, if you see something broken, please remove it from the index.html and mark it as deleted in this README. The ipsums marked deleted were done so because they went down, or were down over a period of days.

  1. Lorem ipsum
  2. Coffee ipsum
  3. Cat ipsum
  4. Bluth ipsum
  5. Cupcake ipsum
  6. Corporate ipsum
  7. TV ipsum
  8. Zombie ipsum
  9. Deleted - Hipster ipsum
  10. Pommie ipsum
  11. Cheese ipsum
  12. Startup ipsum
  13. Gangsta ipsum
  14. Samuel L ipsum
  15. Sagan ipsum
  16. Bacon ipsum
  17. Skate ipsum
  18. Lebowskii ipsum
  19. Pirate ipsum
  20. Vegas ipsum
  21. Deleted - Beer ipsum
  22. Deleted - Gag ipsum
  23. Tuna ipsum
  24. IT Crowd ipsum
  25. Deleted - Bogan ipsum
  26. Monocle ipsum
  27. Sheen ipsum
  28. Riker ipsum
  29. Deleted - Baby ipsum
  30. Pahu ipsum
  31. Deleted - Halloumi ipsum
  32. Melbourne ipsum
  33. Picksum ipsum
  34. Alien ipsum
  35. Deleted - Ed balls ipsum
  36. Metaphor ipsum
  37. Obama ipsum
  38. Deleted - Jony ipsum
  39. Deleted - Cajun ipsum
  40. Space ipsum
  41. Batman ipsum
  42. Deleted - Designer ipsum
  43. Deleted - Minion ipsum
  44. Deleted - Jamaican ipsum
  45. Chiquito ipsum
  46. Deleted - Savage ipsum
  47. Ryan Gosling ipsum
  48. Deleted - Horse Ebooks ipsum
  49. Heisenberg ipsum
  50. Social Good ipsum
  51. Doctor Who ipsum
  52. Deleted - Tina Belcher ipsum
  53. Nietzsche Ipsum
  54. Forcem Ipsum
  55. Office Ipsum
  56. Lorem F'ing Ipsum
  57. Khaled ipsum
  58. Dating ipsum
  59. Cheeseburger ipsum
  60. Stranger ipsum
  61. Agency Ipsum
  62. Godfather Ipsum
  63. Wine Ipsum
  64. Wrestling Ipsum


The MIT License (MIT)
Copyright (C) 2014 ~ Tim Holman & Claudio Guglieri