List of positive political action newsletters and news to keep up to date, and active. (submissions welcome!)
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Positive Political Action

List of positive political action newsletters, and news to keep up to date, and active. (submissions welcome)

  • Looking to help, an incredible daily email detailing ways to get involved in a positive way.
  • TogetherList, a large database of women’s rights, POC, LGBT+, immigrant, Muslim-American and climate change advocacy groups that could always use a hand.
  • She should run, a national network changing culture to inspire more women and girls to run for office.
  • Flippable, an email providing regular action items to promote a progressive agenda across the country
  • The Future Project, a site, and mailing list focused on inspiring the young.
  • Make a Diff NYC, a great (NYC BASED) group of people, into positive civic action with technology.