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The Zen Zone

The Zen Zone is an exploration into a kind of digital meditation, by providing small "games" that capture your attention.

The Games

Switches: This is perhaps the most simple one of the set, you are given 100 switches to turn on.

The Switches Game

Swirl: In this activity, you trace the pattern of a spiral, deminishing its size slowly.

The Swirl Game

Break: This involves moving your mouse to break a larger circle into smaller pieces.

The Break Game


  1. Clone the repo: git clone
  2. CD to directory: cd the-zen-zone
  3. Yarn install: yarn install
  4. Yarn start: yarn start

This should set up page on http://localhost:3000

For quicker development, it may be easier to change out some of the transition code in App.js.


  { page }


  { currentPage }

Just remember to set it back before you request a merge :).