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Like TryPython, except with the ability to share scripts.
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Like TryPython, except with the ability to publish and share scripts.
Inspired by the Groovy Web Console, which also runs on AppEngine.  Ironically 
enough, the application itself is written in Java and utilizes Jython, as 
CPython cannot be safely sandboxed.


 ./  # download external files from other projects 
 mvn gae:unpack              # download the appengine SDK
 mvn compile gae:run         # run a development server

To Deploy:
 mvn package -Pminify-all-external    # minify third-party resources
 mvn gae:deploy -Ddebug=false

 * Login for editing/deleting/modifying published scripts
 * Memcache compiled python scripts (PyCode)
 * Enable URLfetch for script code? 
 * Enable AJAX callbacks for 'input' functions? 
 Static code highlighting from Alex Gorbechev
 Live code highlighting thanks to CodeMirror
 Social network 'share' icons from and
 Benjamin Reid from
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