Google Bookmarks for Android
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GMarks Android

Sync Google Bookmarks to your Android phone.

See INSTALL.txt for instructions to build the app from source.

Binary downloads, documentation and issue tracker can be found at the [ Project home page].


This application contains no advertisements or user tracking, and as such, it only sends requests to the domain. No requests are made to to any third-party site from this application.

Your login information is only input into the login page, and it is not accessed or stored by this app.


All code is licensed under the GPL v3 except for code in the "thirdparty" package which is re-licensed under the ASL 2.0. See gpl-3.0.txt.

If you are interested in re-distributing any of this project under a different license, please contact the author.

Some image resources are re-distributed from the Android open source project and carry their original license.