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Linux hotkey daemon written in Python
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# First, create a python script file under 'hotkeys/' (relative to this file).
# Write a function that will do what you want do.  You can do a lot 
# with the pyGTK, Xlib and virtkey libraries. (Refer to their documentation.)
# After the function is defined (along with any global varables used to keep 
# state), call 
# register_event_listener( keyCode, myFunc )
# You can use the command-line program 'xev' to find the correct 'keycode' 
# that you want to use.
# Now you just need to run this script ( which will source your
# custom scripts and register your event listeners.
# If you want to run the script at login, use this in your .profile:
# nice python ~/bin/ > hotkeys.log &
# Remember that in this case, your scripts would be in ~/bin/hotkeys/

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