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Simple Drupal 8 Development Environment
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Drupal 8 Sprint Box CircleCI

Simple Vagrant config to download and install the latest dev version of Drupal 8.



  1. Open terminal (or git bash for windows users) and run the following commands --
composer create-project thom8/drupal8-vagrant some-dir && cd $_
vagrant up
  1. Go to http://d8.local/
username: admin
password: admin
  1. Enjoy.


Drupal 7.

composer create-project -n thom8/drupal8-vagrant:dev-d7 some-dir && cd $_ && vagrant up


composer create-project -n thom8/drupal8-vagrant:dev-backdrop some-dir && cd $_ && vagrant up

More info

This is an implementation of Beetbox so please refer to this project for more info.

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