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Wordpress plugin for exposing raw DB tables as a JSON api.
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WPQuery enables external access to the internal database structure of a Wordpress instance.

This can be useful when migrating from Wordpress to a different platform, or when a third party needs to integrate with a Wordpress based site.

When installed the db structures of Worpdress can be exposed via wp-json.

The plugin generates a unique API key, which can the be used to access this data.


List all database tables for the Wordpress installation:

GET http://localhost/wp-json/wpquery/v1/query?apikey={API_KEY}

List all rows for a given table:

GET http://localhost/wp-json/wpquery/v1/query/{TABLE}?apikey={API_KEY}

Get a row by the primary key of the table:

GET http://localhost/wp-json/wpquery/v1/query/{TABLE}/{ID}?apikey={API_KEY}

Get a row by the given key value:

GET http://localhost/wp-json/wpquery/v1/query/{TABLE}/{KEY}/{VALUE}?apikey={API_KEY}

Update a row:

PUT http://localhost/wp-json/wpquery/v1/query/{TABLE}/{KEY}/?apikey={API_KEY}

With a JSON body.

Returns a JSON response with a boolean status.

Insert a row:

POST http://localhost/wp-json/wpquery/v1/query/{TABLE}/?apikey={API_KEY}

With a JSON body.

Returns a JSON response with a boolean status and insert id.

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