Python modules and IPython Notebooks, for the book "Introduction to Statistics With Python"
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Python modules and IPython Notebooks, which accompany the book Introduction to Statistics With Python


This repo contains three folders: ISP, ipynb, and ipynb_slides

"ISP": Introduction to Statistics with Python

All the Python programs that go with the book:

  • Code samples (also called Quantlets)
  • Solutions for the Exercises in the book
  • Code-listings, i.e. Python programs printed in the book
  • Code to generate the Figures in the book

"ipynb": IPython Notebooks

  • These notebooks are not used explicitly in the book, and contain important samples and solutions to statistical applications of Python.
  • Also contains a folder for data used by the IPython notebooks.

"ipynb_slides": Corresponding reveal.js-Slides

reveal.js is a powerful presentation application, based on CSS and HTML5. It exists for all platforms (Windows, Linux, OSX), and has to be installed on your computer if you want to use those slides.

  • You can either create the slides yourself from the IPYNB-files, using the command

    jupyter nbconvert --to slides --reveal-prefix ".." *.ipynb

    (Note that the string after "--reveal-prefix" indicates where your reveal.js directories can be found.)

  • Or you copy this directory (i.e. ipynb_slides) to the location where your reveal.js directories are, and are ready to go right away.


The file Errata.pdf contains the a list of mistakes in the manuscript, and the corresponding corrections.