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A boilerplate for creating Figma plugins using Svelte.

This starter project has everything you need to start developing a Figma plugin usign Svelte. Your JS, CSS, SVG and image assets can be bundled on build. The package will take care of compiling your typescript + app on save during development, and also minify on build.

Additionally, this package comes preconfigured with Figma Plugin DS Svelte where you have access to a large range of components and icons that match the Figma UI, to get you up and running quickly. Note: installing this boilerplate will install the component library as a dependency.

Only what you import/use will be included in the final build for small bundle size.

To get started

npx degit thomas-lowry/figsvelte figma-plugin
cd figma-plugin
npm install

Note that you will need to have Node.js installed.


During development, watch your project for changes with the following command.

npm run dev

Start building your plugin UI in 'src/Plugin.svelte'.


When ready to package up your final Figma Plugin:

npm run build

Useful info

To include an external CSS file:

import styles from './styles.css';

To include an SVG:

import SvgName from './image.svg';

//use in your markup
{@html SvgName}

For more info on using the Icon component system with SVGs from Figma Plugin DS Svelte, refer to the repo.