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A re-implementation of Tom Kuhn's "Atoms" Amiga game using web technologies.

Atoms was originally a game for the Atari ST and an Amiga version was later released which was given away on an Amiga Format coverdisk. This web-based version of Atoms is based (loosely) on the design of the Amiga version of the game.

Install & run

Simply clone the repository and then point your web browser at the game.html file.

Or you can just run the game from my server at


Each player in turn places an atom in a cell on the board. They can either place it in an empty cell, or any cell with their own colour atoms in it. If the placed atom causes the cell to be overloaded, the cell will explode with the atoms moving out into all orthogonally adjacent cells, turning any existing atoms in those cells into the player's colour. Chain reactions can occur after the initial explosion, which can cause sweeping changes across the board.

The maximum number of atoms a cell can hold before becoming overloaded is:

  • Corners: 1
  • Sides: 2
  • Others: 3

Once a player's last atom has been wiped out, they are out of the game. The winner is the last surviving player.

More about this implementation

There are some notable differences from the original game:

  • Visual display of chain reactions is different - this version shows all results of each explosion immediately, whereas the original appeared to do some shortcutting of atom drawing when chaining explosions.
  • This version allows you to play against computer players, whereas the original was human-only.

Technologies used include:

A modern web browser is definitely required. The latest stable versions of Vivaldi, Opera, Chrome and Firefox will all work fine. Internet Explorer will not. Edge and Safari might…


The Atoms Amiga game re-implemented in web technologies








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