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Check if buffer is initialized when initializing buffer and sending. …

…Allow creating a new post with current buffer. Docs.
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commit 3c7d3fe5662220fae92baba7309ea6363b80759f 1 parent 25e342a
Thomas Kappler authored
Showing with 42 additions and 29 deletions.
  1. +42 −29 wpmail.el
71 wpmail.el
@@ -45,32 +45,36 @@
;; (require 'wpmail) in your init file.
;;; History:
-;; 2009-07: First release, git hash 4005549c87a95b7f0817d0cb9531118b505e7ad7
+;; 2009-07: First release.
+;; 2009-11-03: Add post-configured-p and use it. Allow creating a new
+;; post in current buffer.
;;; TODO
;; When proposing the file name for a title, remove suffixes.
-;; Function or buffer-local variable "initialized-p" that records if
-;; current buffer was initialized using wpmail-new-post, so it has a
-;; title etc. If not, ask for these things before sending. On second
-;; thought, do we even need wpmail-new-post? Just let the user work,
-;; and ask when sending. This stuff is not stored across sessions
-;; anyway.
+;; Add Markdown support, converting the post to HTML when sending.
+;; Offer before- and after-send hooks, to allow things like
+;; transforming the markup or saving all published posts in a certain
+;; directory.
;;; Code:
(require 'message)
(defconst wpmail-posts-dir "~/Documents/Blog/"
"The directory where you store your blog posts.
-New posts will be started in a new buffer visiting a file
-there. You don't need to save the files at all, however.")
+wpmail-new-post will open a new buffer visiting a file there.
+Can be nil; you can always turn the current buffer into a blog
+post with wpmail-new-post-here, and there is no need to save it
+to a file.")
(defconst wpmail-post-email ""
"The e-mail address you got from to send posts to.")
(defvar wpmail-categories '("Academia"
"Best Practices"
+ "Elsewhere"
"Nitty Gritty"
@@ -128,7 +132,7 @@ some text around point, if it's not empty and not too long."
Will be set by `wpmail-new-post' or `wpmail-new-post-here'.")
(defun wpmail-new-post (title category init-content)
- "Start a new wordpress blog post.
+ "Start a new wordpress blog post in a new buffer.
The post will have the title TITLE and be in category CATEGORY.
The function proposes some titles based on the buffer name and
@@ -136,14 +140,14 @@ text around point, if any. These propositions are in the
\"future history\", accessible by M-n.
In the category prompt, the values of wpmail-categories are
-available for auto-completion. However, you can also enter any
-category that is not in wpmail-categories.
-A new buffer will be created, visiting the file TITLE.wordpress
-in wpmail-posts-dir. There is no need to save this file,
-however. You can send it, with TITLE preserved, without saving
+available for auto-completion. You can also enter any category
+that is not in wpmail-categories, but your wordpress must know
+A new buffer will be created, visiting the file TITLE.wp in
+wpmail-posts-dir. There is no need to save this file, however.
+You can send it, with TITLE preserved, without saving it.
If INIT-CONTENT is non-nil (interactively, with prefix argument),
the new post buffer is filled with the region if it exists, and
with the whole content of the current buffer otherwise.
@@ -164,8 +168,8 @@ about shortcodes."
(defun wpmail-new-post-here (title category)
"Start a new wordpress blog post in the current buffer.
-The buffer's content will be left untouched, and the wordpress
-shortcodes will be inserted at the end."
+It works like wpmail-new-post, except that everything happens in
+the current buffer."
(interactive (list
(read-string "Title: " nil nil (wpmail-possible-titles) nil)
(completing-read "Category: " wpmail-categories)))
@@ -192,11 +196,16 @@ directory otherwise. The suffix depends on wpmail-use-markdown."
(switch-to-buffer post-buffer)))
(defun wpmail-initialize-this-buffer (title category restore-point)
- (set (make-local-variable 'wpmail-post-title) title)
- (goto-char (point-max))
- (insert "\n\n"
- (wpmail-initial-shortcodes category wpmail-default-tags))
- (goto-char restore-point))
+ (let ((configured (wpmail-post-configured-p))
+ (warning "This buffer seems to be initialized as a wordpress post already. New shortcodes will simply be added at the end. Continue?"))
+ (when (or (not configured)
+ (and configured
+ (y-or-n-p warning)))
+ (set (make-local-variable 'wpmail-post-title) title)
+ (goto-char (point-max))
+ (insert "\n\n"
+ (wpmail-initial-shortcodes category wpmail-default-tags))
+ (goto-char restore-point))))
(defun wpmail-initial-shortcodes (category tags)
"Return the wordpress shortcodes as a string; see wpmail-new-post."
@@ -222,11 +231,16 @@ directory otherwise. The suffix depends on wpmail-use-markdown."
Partly copied from Trey Jackson
- (let ((content (buffer-substring-no-properties (point-min) (point-max))))
- (message-mail wpmail-post-email wpmail-post-title)
- (message-goto-body)
- (insert content)
- (message-send-and-exit)))
+ (let ((configured (wpmail-post-configured-p))
+ (warning "This post doesn't seem to be configured yet; it lacks either a title or some wordpress shortcodes. (Initialize with wpmail-new-post-here.) Continue?"))
+ (when (or configured
+ (and (not configured)
+ (y-or-n-p warning)))
+ (let ((content (buffer-substring-no-properties (point-min) (point-max))))
+ (message-mail wpmail-post-email wpmail-post-title)
+ (message-goto-body)
+ (insert content)
+ (message-send-and-exit)))))
(defun wpmail-post-configured-p ()
"Determine whether we're ready to send the current buffer."
@@ -255,7 +269,6 @@ Partly copied from Trey Jackson
(wpmail-trim " foo "))
(expect "foo bar"
(wpmail-trim " foo bar "))
; That'd be nice, but doesn't work with el-expectations.
; (dolist foo '("foo" " foo" "foo " " foo ")
; (expect "foo" (wpmail-trim foo)))

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