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Follow some more Emacs conventions (partly from…

…/emacs-tiny-tools/packages/, and checkstyle). Require Gnus Message that we actually do require.
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1 parent 4005549 commit 41969c147c0bfe302f2e27da6f7b21d3f3087e04 @thomas11 committed Jul 20, 2009
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@@ -36,20 +36,32 @@
;; categories in wpmail-categories. See the documentation of these
;; functions for details.
-;; You must customize the following variables before you can use it.
+;;; Dependencies:
+;; Message from Gnus. It is included in Emacs, at least in version 23
+;; which I'm using. Tested with Gnus v5.13.
+;;; Installation:
+;; Customize the variables at the top of the code section, and
+;; (require 'wpmail) in your init file.
+;;; History:
+;; 2009-07: First release, git hash 4005549c87a95b7f0817d0cb9531118b505e7ad7
+;;; Code:
+(require 'message)
(defconst wpmail-posts-dir "~/Documents/Blog/"
"The directory where you store your blog posts.
New posts will be started in a new buffer visiting a file
-there. You don't need to save the files at all, however.")
+there. You don't need to save the files at all, however.")
(defconst wpmail-post-email ""
"The e-mail address you got from to send posts to.")
(defvar wpmail-categories '("Own Code" "Stuff" "Weekly Links" "Weekly Reading")
"A list of the categories you use for blog posts.
When starting a new post, wpmail will ask you for the
-category. These will be available for tab completion. However,
+category. These will be available for tab completion. However,
you can also give a category that is not in this list.")
(defvar wpmail-default-tags "code,programming,testing"
@@ -94,7 +106,7 @@ some text around point, if it's not empty and not too long."
(defvar wpmail-post-title "wpmail.el post"
"The post's title when sending it off.
-Should be set via wpmail-new-post.")
+Should be set via `wpmail-new-post'.")
(defun wpmail-new-post (title category init-content)
"Start a new wordpress blog post.
@@ -169,7 +181,6 @@ about shortcodes."
"[password secret-password]")
-; TODO do we need to require something mail-related here?
(defun wpmail-send-post ()
"Send the post to by e-mail.
Partly copied from Trey Jackson
@@ -183,3 +194,4 @@ Partly copied from Trey Jackson
(provide 'wpmail)
+;;; wpmail.el ends here

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