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* About
-wpmail is a helper to post to by e-mail from Emacs. See
-wpmail.el for more info.
+wpmail is an Emacs extension to make posting to by
+e-mail easier. See wpmail.el for more info.
+It's the first Emacs code I publish. I've tried to follow the
+conventions outlined in the ELisp manual; please let me know if you
+find anything that should be fixed or could be improved.
- - Decent configuration, use defvar and don't clutter global
- namespace. Or customize.
- - Validity checks before mailing? Might be overkill.
- - Post from current buffer, infer title, possibly depending on mode.
- - Done except honoring mode, and this should better be left to
- users as it will vary wildly. I don't need it at all, actually.
+It works ok for me.
+Nice to have maybe:
+ - Validity checks of the shortcodes before mailing.
- Tests, possibly using ert.el

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