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-* About
-wpmail is an Emacs extension to make posting to Wordpress by e-mail
-easier. See wpmail.el for more info. It was only tested with so far, but should work with other installations, too.
-It's the first Emacs code I publish. I've tried to follow the
-conventions outlined in the ELisp manual; please let me know if you
-find anything that should be fixed or could be improved.
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+# wpmail.el --- Post to wordpress by e-mail
+* Author: Thomas Kappler <>
+* Created: 2009 June 21
+* Keywords: comm, mail, wordpress, blog, blogging
+* URL: <>
+Copyright (C) 2009 Thomas Kappler
+Licensed under the [GPL version 3]( or later.
+# Commentary
+A number of functions to make posting by e-mail to the blog hosting service <>
+easier. It might work with other wordpress installations, which I
+have not tried. For more information about posting to wordpress by
+e-mail see the support page
+Start a new post, possibly from the region or the buffer, with
+wpmail-new-post, and send it with wpmail-send-post when you are
+done. wpmail-new-post will prompt for title and category; it will
+propose some titles you can see via M-n, and auto-completes the
+categories in wpmail-categories. See the documentation of these
+functions for details.
+# Dependencies
+Message from Gnus. It is included in Emacs, at least in version
+23. Tested with Gnus v5.13.
+# Installation
+Customize the variables at the top of the code section, and
+(require 'wpmail) in your init file.
+# History
+* 2009-07: First release.
+* 2009-11-03: Add post-configured-p and use it. Allow creating a new
+ post in current buffer.
+When proposing the file name for a title, remove suffixes.
+Add Markdown support, converting the post to HTML when sending.
+Offer before- and after-send hooks, to allow things like
+transforming the markup or saving all published posts in a certain
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;; Author: Thomas Kappler <>
;; Created: 2009 June 21
-;; Keywords: wordpress, blog, blogging
+;; Keywords: comm, mail, wordpress, blog, blogging
;; URL: <>
;; Copyright (C) 2009 Thomas Kappler

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