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pathToScript=`dirname "$0"`
# function to select video quality
quality=`echo -e 'low\nmedium\nhigh\naudio'| dmenu -i -p "Select quality" -fn 'roboto mono nerd font:bold:size=11'`
case "$quality" in
"low") echo "--ytdl-format=3gp $url" ;;
"medium") echo "--ytdl-format=webm $url" ;;
"high") echo "--ytdl-format=mp4 $url" ;;
"audio") echo "--ytdl-format=m4a $url" ;;
url=`$pathToScript/extract|dmenu -i -l 10 -p Urls -fn 'roboto mono nerd font:bold:size=11'`
[[ $url = "" ]] && exit 1
choose=`echo -e 'qutebrowser\ncopy\nmpv\nts-mpv\nmpv-best-quality\nfeh\naria2c\nfirefox\nchrome'|dmenu -i -p "Open with" \
-fn 'roboto mono nerd font:bold:size=11'`
case "$choose" in
"qutebrowser") qutebrowser $url ;;
"copy") echo "$url" | xclip -selection clipboard ;;
"firefox") firefox $url ;;
"chrome") google-chrome-stable $url ;;
"ts-mpv") video=`quality_select`; notify-send "Queued video";ts mpv $video ;;
"mpv") video=`quality_select`; [[ $video = "" ]] && exit 1 ;notify-send "Playing video";mpv $video ;;
"mpv-best-quality") notify-send "playing video";mpv $url ;;
"feh") feh $url ;;
"aria2c") aria2c $url ;;
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