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The source code examples for the book "An Introduction to Optimization Algorithms"
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Example Codes from the Book "An Introduction to Optimization Algorithms"

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1. Introduction

In this repository, we provide example source codes for the book "An Introduction to Optimization Algorithms". With the book, we try to develop a readable and accessible introduction in optimization, optimization algorithms, and, in particular, metaheuristics. The code is designed as a versatile and general implementation of these algorithms in Java and provides one example application: the Job Shop Scheduling Problem (JSSP).

The book is available in the following formats:

  1. aitoa.pdf, in the PDF format for reading on the computer and/or printing (but please don't print this, save paper),
  2. aitoa.html, in the HTML5 format for reading in the browser on any device,
  3. aitoa.epub, in the EPUB3 format for reading on mobile phones or other hand-held devices, and
  4. aitoa.azw3, in the AZW3 format for reading on Kindle and similar devices.

2. How to Use

The source code is provided at GitHub as a Maven project for Java 1.8 along with settings for the Eclipse developer environment. I therefore recommend using Eclipse for exploring and playing around with it. Once you have checked-out the code and imported it as existing project in Eclipse, you need to right-click the project, choose "Maven" and then "Update Project". This will automatically download the required dependencies (currently, only Junit 4.12) and set up the folder structure properly.

3. License

The copyright holder of this package is Prof. Dr. Thomas Weise (see Contact). The package is licensed under the MIT License.

4. Contact

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Prof. Dr. Thomas Weise of the Institute of Applied Optimization at Hefei University in Hefei, Anhui, China via email to with CC to

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